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Specialising in beautiful hardcover memory books

Harpermartin prides itself on creating beautifully unique keepsake books to be cherished for life. Each and every memory book has been designed with the upmost care and love. 

Cherish - A Book About Us is the perfect gift book for Grandparents, parents and the terminally ill wanting to leave a beautiful handwritten legacy to the one they love. 

The 'Remembering Me' Baby memorial book collection is designed especially for bereaved parents and their family to honour the life of their precious baby taken too soon. The collection includes a book for both the parents and siblings. 

Remembering Me

Cherish Memory Book - A Book About Us

The Brand - Harpermartin

Harpermartin - pays homage to my parents’ family names.
Family has played such an important role in who I am today and what I stand for. They are my happy place, my comfort, my calm in this sometimes chaotic world. They are what is most important to me; and cherishing the time I have with them.


To create beautiful books that are more than just words on a page, they will be the tangible tether that surrounds you in love and give you comfort when you need it the most. They will honour the beauty of the handwritten word and cherish the life of a loved one.

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