Remembering Me Baby Memorial Book

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Massive shout out to Tina from Peppermint Studios for her gorgeous photography
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Remembering Me Baby Memorial Book   

Every Baby Deserves a Baby Book.

The ‘Remembering Me’ Baby Memorial Book was especially designed for parents with a baby no longer in their arms but forever in their hearts. It is a beautiful way to honour the memory of your precious baby now and long into the future. 

Whether lost to stillbirth, SIDS or in their precious first years of life, your precious baby needs to be cherished and remembered forever. This beautiful hardcover 120 page memorial book is designed for you to ensure no memory is ever forgotten. The cover has been especially watercolour painted for this book by the very talented Faenerys. 

By completing the pages within our special baby memorial book, you can honour the memory of your baby, outpour your grief and produce a lasting memento, to cherish for years to come.

This carefully designed book includes prompts to record details of your pregnancy, delivery, hellos and goodbyes; space for photos, handprints and footprints; birthdays and lined pages for you to write letters of love to your precious baby.

“When a baby is born, it’s a mother’s instinct to protect the baby. When a baby dies, it’s a mother’s instinct to protect their memory.” - Author unknown

Imagine opening the cover of this beautiful hardcover baby book with your baby’s name handwritten inside. Flick through the pages to see the ultrasound, your pregnant belly and pages of precious photos of your baby. It’s Christmas or their Birthday so you place a special photo in and write about the day. Mother’s Day is here so you pen a beautiful letter to your baby. Today you feel you just need to write, write about your feelings, your thoughts, put your grief into words. You head to the back of the book and start writing. Maybe you just need to feel like you are not alone in your journey so you read through the beautifully crafted quotes written by other bereaved parents. You close the book and hug it to your chest, you feel just that little bit closer to your baby. With the greatest of care you put it back in its special place until next time x

What's inside:

  • original cover artwork by Faenerys 
  • 120 pages, high quality hardcover book 
  • 210 wide x 273mm high (almost A4 size) 
  • prompts to record details of your pregnancy and delivery
  • prompts to record hellos and goodbyes
  • hand and footprint page
  • pages for photos throughout 
  • place to honour birthdays, Christmas and special occasions 
  • lined pages to write letters of love to your precious baby


Have a look inside:


What people are saying:

"My book arrived yesterday and I opened it last night with my husband. What a wonderful way for a man to start dealing with his grief. Thank you so much. It's such a beautiful book and I am thrilled I can keep writing in it long after the usual baby books end. I cannot begin to tell you how much this means. Thank you" - Kristy Beaumont 

"I received my book and I don't have the words to express how wonderful it is to be able to document my precious memories of my little angel. Thank you so much" - Kelly Aspinall 


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Thank you so much to the beautiful Mums who let me share the photos of their precious babies. In memory of Ruby Louise and Dakota x