Cherish - A Book About Us

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Do you want something precious to leave behind for your Children or Grandchildren? Do you have stories to tell, hopes and dreams to share and wishes that you want your precious loved ones to know about? Now is the time to start writing your legacy that will be cherished forever. 

Cherish - A Book About Us is designed from a place of deep love. A place of deep understanding. Grief and loss are never-ending emotions. You may not see the need to write in a book such as this now but in years to come this book will answer so many of the questions that your children wished they asked. The photos will transport them back in time and make them feel so close to you.  Please take the time to write in one for each of your children, they will be so glad you did x 




A special gift for the terminally ill 

Is your or someone you love life's being shortened by a terrible disease? Do you have children that love you more than the world? Then this book is a must do. Your children need these memories, need the photos, need to know your dreams and wishes for them. Let them know just how much you love them and how much more special your life has been with them in it. If you want to leave something special behind for your Children or Grandchildren then this is it. 

The perfect gift to leave behind – a grandparent’s memory book

It’s time to collect beautiful moments. It's never too early. Gift one to your grandparents or parents or start one of yourself.

If you have someone in your life that you love as much as life itself, you need to take the time to fill out this memory book for them. Have your Great Grandparents, Grandparents and Parents start their memory book now! And don’t forget to start one yourself.

This special book features a beautiful blue soft hardcover and the word ‘Cherish’ especially handwritten by Renelle Harrison. Renelle’s handwriting signifies how special and important the handwritten word is. And blue was chosen for the cover as it represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence. Its beautiful soft feel will leave you with a sense of calm.

Why our memory book 'Cherish' A Book About Us is so special

Our memory book was inspired by a letter my Dad wrote to me when I was just five. This memory book is everything I would have loved to have known or have heard from my Dad over the last thirty years without him here on earth with me. It provides prompts to fill out details about your life, your dreams and wishes for the recipient, letters, photos and so much more than your grandparents or parents can leave behind in our special memory book.

The amount of time we have here with our loved ones is a true unknown. This beautiful memory book for grandparents and parents was created to be a lasting memento, to be handwritten and etched in time. The treasured memories, dreams and wishes of a loved one unfolding in the pages of this precious memory book will be treasured forever!

Although we live in a digital age there is something so special about a person's handwriting. It doesn't matter how neat or messy your writing, it is what you write inside this memory book to leave your children or grandchildren that mean the most.

Take photos with everyone you love, take them in a group, take them separately, take silly ones, serious ones, happy ones – just take some! Share photos from the past, the adventures, the things you loved. Put them in this precious memory book to be cherished forever by generations to come.

A loved one is irreplaceable, but our grandparent's memory book provides the bear hug, the tight squeeze, the memories, the quiet moment of reflection, that provide comfort when it is needed the most. As you read through the pages you’ll be able to reflect and remember those special moments and times with your grandparents, parents and loved ones.

“Cherish” A Book About Us is a handwritten legacy of precious memories to the one you love.

Handwritten 'Cherish' title by Renelle Harrison at She Writes Designs

What's inside: 

This is me

Photos and Memories

Highlights of my life and moments that I cherish

My favourite photos of us

My favourite...

My hopes and dreams

A letter to you

My wishes for you

Remember when..

My nickname for you

I was so proud of you when..

10 things I love the most about you

Thank you for...

This always made you laugh

My favourite holiday

Always remember that...

My bucket list

My favourite quote to live by

A final word..

Special memories of me from others



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