Remembering Me Sibling Edition

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 Massive shout out to Taryn Juster for her gorgeous photography

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Remembering Me Memorial Sibling Book 

If you are a Parent or Family Member looking for something to give a child or children that has just suffered the devastating loss of their Brother or Sister, then this book is it. Up to four siblings can draw pictures, write letters and outpour their grief for their sibling no longer with them. 

A sibling bond is unbreakable. They may be no longer with them on earth but they are forever part of their lives. This book gives them their own space to grieve, to create memories of their own and to spend time thinking and honouring the memory of their precious Brother or Sister that lives in their heart. The Memorial Sibling Book creates a lasting family keepsake that can grow as your child grows with each page being dated.  


 What's inside:

  • original cover artwork by Faenerys 
  • 120 pages, high quality hardcover book 
  • 210 wide x 273mm high (almost A4 size) 
  • pages in memory of the baby
  • pages for information about each sibling (up to 4 siblings) 
  • pages to draw pictures
  • pages to write letters
  • photos & memories 
  • prompts to answer special questions
  • family drawings
  • pages for the sibling to write stories 


What people are saying;

"The siblings edition is especially dear to my heart as it is an avenue for my sons aged 6 & 8 to express their emotions for their brother Will who was born in between their birthdays. The book is left in a special place where they both can come and pick it up anytime they like and sit and write a letter or draw a picture for their brother. I often look through the book and find beautiful artworks that they had drawn unbeknown to me. They pour their little hearts out, in happiness and sadness for Will and this is why I feel it's incredibly important for their emotional wellbeing to allow their inner thoughts to be let out. I encourage them to write/draw whatever they are feeling. It then creates a conversation to discuss things further if they need to. I came across a picture that my 8 year old drew of our chooks who were sadly taken by a fox a few days ago. Samson's picture illustrated the chooks flying up to heaven to be with Will. This was so heartwarming and comforting to see the world even when it's cruel, through the eyes of a child. This book is a godsend for our family and my gratitude for Shaela's vision will be everlasting. Thank you xxx "         

- Taryn Juster 


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