Remembering Me Family Collection

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Remembering Me Baby Family Collection  

The loss of a baby changes a family forever. This collection gives a place for both parents and siblings to honour the baby that lives in their heart. 

If you are a bereaved parent or a family member who wish to honour the life of your precious baby taken too soon, then the family collection comprises two books; Remembering Me for bereaved parents and Remembering Me - Sibling Edition for bereaved siblings so that all members of the family have something truly special to remember your precious baby in. 

Our stunning baby memorial books and keepsakes are to honour the life of those precious babies taken too soon. Whether lost to miscarriage, stillborn, SIDS or in their precious first years of life, these precious babies need to be cherished and remembered forever. Which is why I have designed these beautiful hardcover 120 page memorial books to ensure no memory is ever forgotten. 

By completing the pages within our special baby memorial books, bereaved parents and siblings can honour the memory of their baby, outpour their grief and produce a lasting memento, to cherish for years to come.


What's inside 'Remembering Me' :

  • 120 pages, high quality hardcover book 
  • 210 wide x 273mm high (almost A4 size) 
  • prompts to record details of your pregnancy and delivery
  • prompts to record hellos and goodbyes
  • hand and footprint space
  • space for photos
  • birthdays
  • lined pages to write letters of love to your precious baby


What's inside 'Remembering Me - Sibling Edition:

  • details for up to four siblings 
  • 120 pages, high quality hardcover book 
  • 210 wide x 273mm high (almost A4 size) 
  • pages in memory of the baby
  • pages for information about each sibling 
  • pages to draw pictures
  • pages to write letters
  • photos & memories 
  • prompts to answer special questions
  • family drawings
  • pages for the sibling to write stories 

Whether you yourself have suffered the loss of a baby or child or you know someone that has, this beautiful book collection is a perfect keepsake. 

The perfect memory and memorial books for parents and siblings that suffer the worst kind of loss.


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