Cherish - A Book About Us

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Massive shout out to Tina from Peppermint Studios for her gorgeous photography

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Cherish – a book about us is a beautiful hardcover keepsake journal that softly guides you to tell your story and the story of 'you' and your child. You mean the world to your child and this beautiful keepsake provides the pages and prompts to tell them just how much you love them. 


Who is it for: 

  • Parents to gift to a child 
  • Grandparents to gift to a grandchild 
  • the terminally ill to gift to their child, grandchild or someone they love (the perfect emotional will)


Other beautiful ways it can be used: 

  • A teenager that’s life is being shortened by disease could use it to write about themselves and their parents or sibling
  • A parent who may have a sick child could use it to write about their child and everything they love about them (this could form a beautiful forever keepsake)
  • Someone could use it to write in about someone they love that has died. The ‘About Me’ section could be everything they knew about the person no longer with them and the ‘About Us’ could be everything they loved about them. This could be a beautiful way to have all their memories together.


The details:

  • 21 x 27.3cm (slightly shorter than A4) 
  • Hardcover with gloss finish 
  • 44 inside pages
  • includes a page for 'to' and 'from' to gift it to your loved one 
  • Plenty of space for photos 
  • Available in three colours - peach, teal or blue  
  • Complimentary gift wrapped 


Why is it so special:

The guided keepsake journal is easy to fill in and is divided into two sections. ‘My Story…’ and ‘Our Story…’. My story is all about your life and ‘Our Story’ captures the special relationship between yourself and your child/Grandchild.

The prompts within the keepsake journal have been thoughtfully compiled to answer many of the questions that a child or grandchild may have about you during their lifetime.


Whats inside: 


My Story... 

  • My greatest achievement 
  • My favourite childhood memories 
  • My first love 
  • My biggest regret 
  • Highlights of my life and moments that I treasure 
  • My favourite... 
  • My favourite holiday 
  • My bucket list 
  • My hopes and dreams 
  • My favourite quote to live by... 


Our Story... 

  • A letter to you 
  • My dreams and wishes for you 
  • My nickname for you 
  • I was so proud of you when... 
  • Remember when 
  • Thank you for... 
  • 10 things I love the most about you 
  • Always remember that... 

+ lots of blank pages for beautiful photos and memories 

Follow this link to see the first few pages





The story behind the keepsake journal:

This keepsake journal was created in memory of Shaela’s Dad ‘Greg’ who died of a brain tumour when she just five years of age. Being so young, she doesn't have many memories of her own.

He left her a beautiful letter but many of the questions she had about him have been left to be answered by her Mum and other family members.

To have heard the answers from her Dad himself would have made it all the more special. This is where the idea for 'Cherish' was created. This book gives parents and grandparents the opportunity to tell their story and tell their child or grandchild just how much they love them all neatly tied together within the beautiful pages of this book. 

Read more about Shaela's journey here