Remembering Me - Early Pregnancy Loss Edition

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Massive shout out to Tina from Peppermint Studios for her gorgeous photography. 



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This beautiful keepsake book was created to honour the life of a baby taken too soon through miscarriage. 

By completing the pages within, you can capture your pregnancy, pen the hopes and dreams you had for your baby and outpour your grief. This carefully designed book also includes pages to mark anniversaries like pregnancy milestones and due dates and includes lined pages to write letters of love.

A beautiful way to honour the life of your baby gone too soon.


The details: 


Whats inside: 

  • Recognition Of Pregnancy 
  • Our First Ultrasound 
  • The Day Your Heart Stopped Beating 
  • Diary 
  • Dads Grieve Too...   
  • Dreams Of Who You Could Have Been... 
  • Marking The Loss 


Follow this link for a sneak peek inside