The Story behind 'Remembering Me'

The story behind my ‘Remembering Me’ Book soon to be released for bereaved parents.

This book was something I had on my mind for ages, I believed that there needed to be something created for parents to honour and cherish their angel babies throughout their lifetime. I am very lucky and blessed to have two beautiful healthy children so I took the idea of creating this book very seriously. I wanted it to be everything a bereaved parent needed and wanted at different times of their lives. I called upon the experience of so many beautiful Mums that shared their journey with me. Their stories always pulling at my heart strings but also assuring me that what I was creating was going to be very special to them.

The little video I have included in this blog was the turning point from when I turned just the idea in my head to something I ‘must’ do. These precious babies and families deserve so much. Please if you can take the time to listen to this, it really gives a beautiful insight into the journey of a bereaved parent and how everyone can play a part in keeping babies memory alive.

Sending the biggest hugs to all the bereaved parents out there, I wish their was never a need for this book but sadly there is, and I hope I have created something that you will treasure for years to come x