The story behind 'Cherish - A Book About Us'

Pic: Me and My Dad x

Cherish - A book about Us is written in memory of my Dad, Greg. Thirty years ago my Dad passed away from a Brain Tumour, I was just five. I have a precious handwritten letter my Dad left to me but being so young, I sadly do not remember a lot about my Dad, but love hearing stories from his family and friends.

Over the last thirty years many questions have come up about my Dad, about his life, what he loved, what he didn't, his favourite things, what he loved doing with me and more.

I have now have two beautiful children of my own and I think just as they are getting that little bit older the realisation of what happened so long ago is so vivid. I look at my children and think imagine their life without their Dad, How did my Mum do it all on her own. Often when I am having a challenging day with my children, I often think about my Mum and how hard it must have been on her also. 

This book is bringing together everything I would have loved to have heard or known from my Dad. It is not just letters but lots of different things. It is designed so that a loved one can handwrite in it and gift it. It gives a little bit of insight into the person writing it (so often we realise how much we don't know about a person, when its too late to ask). There is also a chance for that person to tell the other their dreams and wishes for them, their favourite memories together, letter, photos, favourite holidays and so much more.

I would so much love that every child had one of these about each of their parents. This book is a priceless gift of love that would be treasured beyond measure. How long we have here on earth is such an unknown, start your written legacy now and continue to add to it as life goes on or if your life is being shortened by a terminal illness, the time is now. Tell your loved ones everything you want them to know. I want this book to be like a bear hug from your loved one, the tight re-assuring squeeze telling you that everything is going to be ok.

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Shaela x